KHCC Staff

Without the staff of KHCC and KHCC rescue, none of this would be possible, from the Founder, right the way through to the person who last offered their help this week, and the ones that have been there from the very beginning.

To make the Facebook Group and the Rescue work, it takes alot of co-ordination, time taken from other life commitments.

A big shout out to the following people, who you may hear more about later on, on the KHCC Admin and Fosterers pages

So here is a little introduction to the people who make things happen. Some of them might be a little shy at posting up their profiles, so I see no reason at all why KHCC Facebook Members can’t set up a post to encourage them and remind them we don’t know all the things we want to know about them. After all, without them, the magic (actually it’s alot of hard work!) would not happen!

Ali O’Cat – Rescue Director, Head Fosterer, Hoarder of Moons, and general superhero

Ali has been responsible for evolving KHCC from the amazing Facebook resource and help into the rescue that it has become, its been a huge task, and she somehow magically finds room for “yet another cat”

Chris Stowe – KHCR Fundraising Manager

Chris having been a loyal and dedicated supporter of KHCC and KHCR from the beginning joined the Rescue in May 2021 as the Fundraising Manager, she of course does so much more than that, not to mention keeping everyone enthusiastic and ready for the next event. Chris co-ordinated and ran both the Christmas Fayre in November 2021 and the Social in March 2022, which were very successful and enjoyable

Eloise Winspur – Young Fosterer, Social Media Guru, Photographer for KHCC Rescue, Fundraiser, Co-ordinator for Christmas Shoe Box Appeal, basically the Cinderella of the KHCC world

It has to be noted, that whilst Eloise is not only the youngest fosterer, don’t mistake that for lack of knowledge, she is a mine of information! Not only does she do all the roles above, but she is also at University, like all the Admins and Fosterers they have a huge amount of commitment to KHCR whilst also having other responsibilities too.

Caroline Alexander – Founder of KHCC Facebook Page, Loyal Supporter of KHCR

Caroline formed the group back in 2012, and it has gone from strength to strength in that time, and now has over 8000 members.